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Entries from this point onward will be friends only. There are things that I don't want people to read. If you are already on my friends list, you won't notice a change. If you'd like to be, comment and ask.

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(no subject)

I don't actually have anything to say, I just wanted to stick it to the man [ish] and say "Ha! I CAN write something more than once a month!" but I suppose saying just that doesn't cut it.

I don't want to talk about school- it's lame, but it's over, and I'm happy[ish]. I didn't really have any teachers this year that I was sad to leave. This is not to say that I had horrible teachers-- I most certainly didn't-- I just didn't bond with them as well as I did with some of my 10th grade teachers. So I suppose I'm hoping for the best next year; I already don't have the schedule I want, let's hope my teachers are half-way decent at least.

I'm redoing my room in 2-3 weeks so I spent all day hopping from place to place looking at beds, paint, carpet, etc. I guess it's good that I plan on staying in CT for college, otherwise this would all be a waste. We decided on this color for the walls. It's actually a lot brighter in person [I have the color swatch next to me] so I blame the color on my monitor or the inaccuracy of the website. Whatever.

I went to the Taste of Litchfield [basically, a "festival"ish thing in which local restaurants, etc, cater and people from all over come to display their skills/arts/whatever] yesterday and there was this really sweet band there. There were three people-- a guitarist, a guy playing upright bass, and another guy playing virtually everything else-- and they did a lot of jazz standards. The last guy, though, the one who did anything, was really talented. He did this trumpet/trombone sound thing completely with his voice and to be honest it sounded better than anyone in our band on their instrument. It was pretty sick. There was this little 3 or 4 year old girl who was standing in front of the band dancing; it was adorable. I went up and talked to the guitar player as they were packing up and we talked about music in general and where they got their music. I bought a CD so I guess all in all it wasn't a bad day. I also got chocolate with raspberries in it. OMG it's so good.

I guess I've exhausted my writing topics for today. Oh well. Adios!

Edit: "A team of biologists from Yale University and the University of Sheffield in England reported in April that some species of ducks have genitalia so complex that they provide the female with unusually effective mating control. Both the male and female sex organs are sort of corkscrew-shaped, but the female's spirals in the opposite direction, allowing her (in the event of rape or opportunistic, nonmating sex) to "lock down" her procreative organs. Only when the female relaxes, the researchers point out, can sperm approach her eggs."

Ducks can be raped???
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I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad...

So it's been a month or something like that since I last posted. I can't seem to bring myself to write anymore. I think, above all else, English class has taught me that I'm not a very good writer. My journal entries are all plot summaries; what has happened and what will happen. I don't have any interest in reading about what happened on March 17, or whenever. I don't have anything worth saying so I just don't say anything at all.

I've been in a weird slump the past couple of weeks, if the previous paragraph didn't make that apparent. I don't know what's been up with me. My moods seem to vary only between apathetic, angry, and upset. Maybe after all this school crap is over I'll feel better. I don't know.

Finals are finally over. I don't really care that much, actually. I guess it's because I haven't studied at all for the past three. I only care about one grade right now, and that's math. I put 13 hours of studying into that exam. If I don't get a B- or better, I swear on my life I'm going to punch someone in the face. I almost failed the whole thing by making two stupid mistakes. Half the test was multiple choice, and I answered the whole thing in the test booklet, not the scantron. I didn't notice until after the bell had rung. Then I almost skipped a whole page [reminiscent of my flipping midterm and my vectors test, both of which I lost 20 pts by skipping a page]. I noticed with 3 minutes left, said very loudly "Oh sh*t", and managed to plug everything into my graphing calculator within a minute. Thank you Rufus!

It's funny, a few weeks ago I was really looking forward to summer. Now I'm not at all. Every summer prior to this I've had to baby-sit my brother; this year I don't, which is a plus for both of us, but it also means that I'm going to be alone all summer. Just me, my SAT books, and my doggy.

Which reminds me, I got the results to both my SATs and ACT scores back. Considering AP classes prohibited me from studying *glares at Coach Jacobs and D-Libs* I did alright. Better than I was expecting, I guess. But I'm still taking them both again, so it doesn't matter. That's another 9 or so hours of my life wasted. God I hate tests. And grades. And school.

It's all so stupid. From the age of 5 [or in my case, along with other youngsters, 4] we're programmed to study study study, work work work. So we waste the first 10+ years of our life, and then spend the rest of it working too. It's just so stupid. Graekwj;elkrjw;elrkj [can anyone else tell that junior year got to me in a bad, bad way?]

I guess that's it. Ha, it's funny, but this whole entry was about school. Why, when I hate school more than anything? I guess no matter how much I say I don't care, I'm always going to be that tightassed little girl who stays up all night studying and doing work [not that it helps... at all. I'd be better off doing nothing.] Ughh

Sorry for ranting guys. I didn't even intend to write anything in the first place. Peace gators.
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(no subject)

English version of my spanish oral with Dan [topic: an awkward situation using vocab words]
Kelly: *knocks on door*
Dan: Hi Kelly, come in!
Kelly: Hi! Why is there luggage here?
Dan: Oh, my family's here for two weeks. They arrived as soon as you arrived.
Kelly: Can I still sleep here tonight even though your family's here?
Dan: Of course, I have done this many times.
Kelly: Ok... will it burden you?
Dan: It's nothing.
*several hours later*
Dan: Are you ready to sleep?
Kelly: Yes, but I have to change my clothes. Can I use your bathroom?
Dan: Yeah, it's over there.
Kelly: *opens door* OMG!!!
Dan: What happened? What's the confusion?
Kelly: I thought I heard whispers coming from your family room, but they were in your bathroom! OMG!
Dan: Don't worry about it, they're not criminals. Wait for a minute.
Kelly: But Dannnnn! I saw your uncle NAKED!
Dan: The infamies!!!
Kelly: I know right?
Dan: Let's make our beds and wait until they disappear from the bathroom.
Kelly: Wait, who is lying in my bed?!
Dan: Oh, that's my naked aunt. She is sleeping with us.
Kelly: Really? Can we bribe her to leave?
Dan: No, she has to sleep with you. She is going to sweeten your dreams.
Kelly: O...k.... *sleeps*
Dan: Did you have a good night?
Kelly: That aunt of yours kept getting up and shouting about a revolution! She said that she was affiliated with a group that rose up against the government.
Dan: I find that hard to believe.
Kelly: Yes, I couldn't wait for dawn.
Dan: They won't be here next time.
Kelly: There won't BE a next time
*omgz dramatic ending*

What are the chances Sra. Glunt is going to give us a D for being inappropriate?

I'll add to this later when something interesting happens.
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(no subject)

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy.

We had our concert on Wednesday in the auditorium! It was interesting to say the least. We met periods 3 and 4 to rehearse as a whole band, and we sounded absolutely terrible. Haven Dance, which was played by the concert band, didn't even sound like music- it sounded a bit more like excessive drumming with a wee bit of dying dinosaur. Anyway, after concert band played, everyone else came on and we ran through Shenandoah. It's a really easy piece [or it should be] but it just didn't sound good at all. The rest of the songs continued on that trend: clearly underpracticed and cacophonous. We had jazz band period 7-3:00 ish, which luckily went a lot more smoothly. However, I had to sight-read Manteca [which is actually a pretty cool song [and we sounded better than that recording], but I absolutely hated it that afternoon because it was driving me crazy] because I had missed the practices the previous week because of family obligations. It's not a hard song to play if you have half a brain, but I didn't notice it was in cuttime until halfway through.... imagine my utter confusion. So concert time comes: jazz band opens the show [if I'm not mistaken] and we sounded AMAZING. It was entertaining as well; I was trying to cue Chris in with my left hand [he had literally no idea how the songs went] while playing with my right- my brain doesn't work like that, teehee. The rest of the night was alright, but our sound quality deteriorated as the night went on. Oh well.

Thursday we took the English AP! [I'm not really excited about that] I'm undecided about how it went [I've already been condemned to collegeboard hell because Dr. Libs made us talk about the essays and multiple choice] but I think we were as prepared as we could've been. Actually, no, let me rephrase that: we were as prepared for the essays as we could've been. I really wish we had gone over the multiple choice more in class. We talked a lot about literary terms, and yet I can remember only one question that even pertained to terms. But anyway, it's over, it's done with, it's one less test I have to worry about!

And finally last night was prom! I started it off in the wrong way, however.
(in Chem class)
Craig: Hey Kelly, what are you and Scott doing after prom?
Me: Probably going to sleep.. *long pause, thinking about what I said* Not together, not together!!!!!
Craig took delight in reminding me of that comment all day/night long (mid-way through prom: "Hey Kelly, looks like you've messed Scott up a bit already!). Anyway, it was a really fun night. A lot more fun than I expected [and I really [in general] don't like dances]. Scott and I matched perfectly! I was getting really worried right before he came because when I put the dress on, I realized the non-black part was a lot lighter than I had expected/told him, and I knew he had gone through a LOT of trouble to match the color I had told him. But it all worked out well, so that was cool. When we got there, there were all these confetti stars on the tables so I put them in Scott's hair [and he let me! Well actually at first he didn't, but then I scolded him] and made him all stardusty. Then, as expected, we danced a lot. I pulled Kristin in with us [since she didn't have a date and I didn't want her to feel left out] and we danced-- I think Scott was pretty shocked the first time this happened [the look on his face was priceless... kind of like this if Scott was a tiger]. Then Steph and I started jumping around dancing to "Barbie Girl" and we [Steph, Kristin, Ellen, maybe someone else? and myself] formed a circle around Scott and Matt [Steph's date] and they.. kind of... danced or something in the center... it was weird but funny and amusing. In general it was a really cool night. Woo!
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I guess that's all I feel like writing about now. Woo! Adios everyone.
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Prepare for a knickers invasion!!!

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I have been told to update but I don't really know what to say. Life has become very routine (hm, can routine be an adjective? oh well) and I find myself doing the same things day in and day out. That's not to say that things have been bad, but just monotonous. I've had fun but nothing of monumental importance has happened.

Well, I suppose one event of interest was going to "All About Us" at the Westport County Playhouse last week. The enjoyment was slightly diminished by the fact that I was still sick, but it was an entertaining play/musical nonetheless. And, as I learned, in the theater world, black woman + white man = asian baby! (I'm not racist, I swear.)

I have decided that I need to grow wings so I can fly down to South America and pick out a monkey. He will be my homework monkey and he will proofread my homework so that I can't make silly mistakes such as reading "3.00 atm" as ".300 atm" *grumble* I will train him and he will be my best friend and he will also transform himself into an all-catching right-handed softball glove for me so that I do not prove to be inept in gym softball!

I have been running into Xiao everywhere lately-- I think he's stalking me. I saw him on Saturday with Scott and he was being a cannibal-- he was eating popcorn! (Hahaha, his nickname is Popcorn, and he was eating popcorn.... get it? Oh my "humor" is wasted when people don't get my inside jokes =[) And then Scott and I saw him again at the library yesterday and we stuck flower petals to our noses so we looked like elephants and Xiao said "You look like freaks." Cheers mate.

You know, I'm jealous of all of you that can string together coherent journal entries that make sense. My thoughts tend to bounce around like popcorn (Oh no, let's not start that again...)

My Schedule for the next month or two:
4/28- Scott's sister's bat mitzvah!
4/29- Danny's soccer game which I will hopefully not be reffing =/
4/30- First day back at school =[ But also 5 months with Scott!
5/2- British art museum!
5/5- SATs booo.
5/6- Soccer game, again hopefully I won't have to ref.
5/9- Concert, eek! *
5/10- I could be making this date up... AP English Lit exam. Then Evening of the Arts, eek! *
5/11- Prom **
5/17?- (Or possibly the 15th) AP Chem exam... erg
5/28- Memorial Day parade (Orange)
5/29- Memorial Day parade (Bethany)
5/30- 6 months!!!
5/1- Christian Sands dealie
5/5- K-pants' birfday!
5/8- POPS day uno!
5/9- POPS day dos! (Oh crud this is going to be an icky day) SAT IIs

*Way to go Mr. Dolan, we're totally prepared! ...Not. You can't hand out music 3 weeks before the concert, not play for a week, and then expect us to be able to play it. That high C and I aren't really jiving in Suite in Eb...

**What's the big deal about prom, anyway? It's junior prom held in the cafeteria. Why should it be a stressful event? Who cares about who you're going with, or who's going with who, are what she/he's wearing? Bah. Just have fun and quit your complainin' you whippersnappers (Oh no, I sound like an old man- this illness is affecting my thought process, I swear.)

The next two months are going to be crazy and it seems like if I don't take a moment to relax now, I won't get a chance for a while (Oh no, as I said that I just realized that my Acid/Base Masterton assignment is sitting in my room, undone. Boo.) Ah well. At least after the APs are over, two classes should begin to wind down. And then it's almost summer! I can't wait... even though I can, because it's going to be as boring as always.

As this is winding to a close (oops, the saying is "drawing to a close", oh well) I wanted to say a big FANK YOU (has anyone else noticed that I've been switching my th's with f's lately? Oh boy.) to Scott, Sina, and Nikki. You guys have been amazing and were the only ones here when I was going through some tough stuff. I lubs you!

Oh well. Time to wrap this up like an enchilada. Peace, nachos.

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Meet me at my window.

GAH! NO MORE! 16 pages of Hamlet bull-poo is more than enough.

I just sneezed ten times in the past three minutes. I hate not getting sleep. I have the immune system of... well, a really-strong-immune-system-thing, so there is really no reason that I should be getting sick. Except, I suppose, the three hours of sleep I've been averaging every night for the past few weeks. School is poo. I can't wait for spring break, which is probably at least 4 weeks away. Boo!

I also hate incredibly specific/support-lacking "essay" questions such as "Describe the relationship between Hamlet and his mother." There is no way to make Dr. Libs-style categories out of this one. In fact, I can answer it in a matter of sentences.
There is a man named Hamlet. He thinks his mom is hot. He wants to bang her. He is angry that he does not get to bang her. He hates Claudius because he is banging her instead.

Haha I think this is proof that the last time I should be doing right now is procrastinating when I have 1/3 of a question left to finish, but I am an odd child and therefore I'll do what I must do.

Craig: You can't mention this to anyone outside this classroom. This didn't just happen.
Me: Oh, you mean like, "What happens in chem class, stays in chem class."
Craig: Yeah, basically. Except this didn't just happen.
Me: Well if it didn't happen, then there's no need for it to stay in chem class, so I can go tell everyone about what didn't happen in chem class.
Craig: Yeah ok ok it happened.

We painted balloons in driver's ed, and the balloon belonging to the girl next to me popped and paint exploded everywhere. IT WAS THE SWEETEST THING EVER.

K I'm out, g'night.
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Yeah yeah, contagion, I'm working on it....

This kind of almost has something to do with Macbeth... right? [Alright fine -- at least my mood is applicable.]

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Random thought: Do you think playing a duet with someone is like having musical sex?

I do, but these are the things I think of when I'm tired.
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I said I wasn't gonna lose my head, and then PoP! goes my heart

Jeff just made me spit out my iced tea [and I'm not joking]:
Jeff: i feel like...
Me: applesauce
Jeff: so i feel mashed up and eaten?
Me: no, just fruity and delicious
Jeff: so i feel gay and tasty?

Anyway this vacation was unproductive as usual. I did, however [with the help of Scott] manage to read Hamlet in a few hours on Sunday. Woo!

Vacation To Do List:
1. Read Steph's book.
2. Read Scott's book.
3. Read spanish short story.
4. Do chemistry
5. Read Hamlet
6. Memorize both monologues
7. Do spanish
8. Sleep
9. Sleep
10. Read Watership Down [retarded rabbits!]

Vacation DID list:
1. Didn't sleep
2. Got a stalker/paedophile/senile oldster
3. Did not get raped by said stalker - woo, optimism!
4. Did chemistry but skipped three problems
5. Read Hamlet on the last day of break
6. Did not memorize monologues [ok, that's a lie - I know the first two lines of both!]
7. Did spanish
8. Did not sleep due to stalker/paedo/etcetcetc
9. Need I repeat myself?
10. Got no reading done.

Yay for productivity!
Well seeing as I have a boring life and very little to say, and pictures are worth a thousand words, I guess I'll leave you with 10,000 words. I'm so generous!

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I'm very bored now. What do you people do when you're bored?

edit: Is this really how you spell "consignors"? It looks silly. [That's my aunt's store =D]
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(no subject)

On Sunday I went out to get a Valentines Day present for my brother, so while he was in the bakery next door, my mom and I went into a store to get the gift. The car was locked, so we couldn't leave the present in the car - but we also couldn't walk up to my brother with the gift in hand. So, like ANY woman would [psh, ha], my mom stuck the bag down her shirt. Then, upon looking down, she said "...I wish mine were that big." DOES EVERYONE SEE WHERE I GET MY BAWDY SENSE OF HUMOR NOW???

My e-mail is being lameo-pants again. For one, an e-mail I sent to myself at the end of sixth period just arrived now.

Which reminds me, I sent Chris something that said [and I quote]

I bet you're jealous. I'm just a magnificent writer.

I'm very annoyed that our *searches for a term that isn't vulgar* idiot bus driver refused to drop us off at the main entrance today. Because, of course, even though there are two other buses dropping off kids in front of us, they must be wrong!!!! *shakes fist*

Valentines Day is coming up which means it's almost time to start throwing sharp, pointy objects at people! Woohoo! *does a CFC cheer*

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